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SBA800 07-15-2013 02:32 PM

509 Sinister Goggles
so back when i bought my sled, and al lthe gear, i was not quite sure which goggles i wanted to go with. Most are snowboard or generic winter goggles people use with snomobile helmets. This doesnt always work well, and sealing certain goggles with different helmets can be a pain sometimes.

509 is a company that changed the game IMO. they desiged a snowmobile specific goggles, and have done a damn good job with it. I have two sets of 509 Sinister goggles, one for day, one for night. Clear lens, and yellow tinted lens to help see bumps, etc in snow. because when you're flying down a trail, or through a field of powder at 80+ MPH, it all looks white. the 509 yellow chrome lens reflects the sun away, yet doesnt hinder visibility at all. I love these goggles with the yellow lens.

I use the clear lens at night.

Now, most people when asked full face, or open MX style helmet will say go with full face. their reasoning will be its warmer, etc.

however, after riding with a full face, and my mx style helmet and the sinister goggles, i far prefer the sinisters. They provide better visibility, DO NOT FOG UP (unless stopped and digging) they are scratch resistant, and they are, in my experience, warmer!

i find the seal against the face thanks to the hinged straps is perfect. absolutely no air can get into my face. couple that with a good balaclava, and i find its warmer than a full face modular helmet. with a modular i would get fogging when riding, so id have to crack the visor open to fix it. this lets a ton of cold air in. do not want! I have zero complaints with the 509 sinsiter goggles for winter riding. Have ridden in temps down to -30 C without feeling the slightest bit cold on my face. My hands actually got cold first. and my sled has hand warmers.

i did have a problem with shipping of an extra lens i ordered, it arrived cracked, which was no good. I promptly took pictures and sent them to 509 along with a phone call. very friendly folks working the phone, easily found my order quickly and confimred what i ordered. saw the pictures and without question told me they had put in a order to send me out a new lens. free of charge. their products carry a lifetime warranty. it breaks, from regular wear and tear, they will send a new one. no questions asked.

now at the time this happened, they had a promo on fora free dvd with any order. I was not expecting a dvd as it was simply a replacement. however i was pleasantly surprised when i opened the package to find a DVD, as well as several stickers. these guys are amazing.

all in all, fantastic goggles, fantastic compant to deal with, and one of the only goggles i will even consider! they are the only company i suggest when people are inquiring about goggles, and other products they offer. Check em out.

i swear by these goggles.

SBA800 07-16-2013 12:03 AM


Maxx2893 07-19-2013 01:10 PM

Good info

SBA800 07-19-2013 01:53 PM

Thanks. Tried to cover as much as I could.

Honestly not a single bad thing about em from me experience so far.

AK SNO RIDER 10-18-2013 04:32 AM

I also run 509 goggles. They make a great product. I have a pair of Sinisters and a pair of Aviators.

The Aviators provide much better visibility than the Sinisters. I have a Fire Mirror/clear lens in the Sinsters and a Fire Mirror/Rose tint in the Aviators. Aviators are my Bluebird goggles, Sinisters are my crappy day goggles.

Their Rose tint is fairly dark and perfect for those sunny days, but it is awful for flat or snowy days. Hence using the clear tinted sinisters on those days.

The drawback to Aviators is they fog! They are fine while riding, no fogging to speak of. But when you stop they will generally fog up pretty quickly.

Like SBA said above, Sinsters don't really fog. They are much better than Aviators in that respect. I still love the Aviators, but you pretty much have to pull them off your face as soon as you stop. I use quickstraps, so this isn't a problem. Takes all of half a second to drop the goggles and another half a second to put them back on.

I love both pairs, but prefer my Aviators for the visibility. Both styles are plenty warm and very comfortable. I will run them again this coming season, but Oakley is making some killer snowmachine goggles now, and I will probably pick a set of those up for the 2014-15 season. Their higher end goggles are twice the price of Aviators, however.

Also as stated above, 509 customer service is fantastic. They are very helpful and value their customers. I have yet to have any product defects, but I have dealt with them over a different customer service related topic.

SBA800 10-18-2013 05:27 AM

509 just came out with a new sinister goggle. Thinking about grabbing a pair.

After having my dirt pro goggles in the polarized lens I need a polarized lens for sinister. Absolutely fantastic lens.

AK SNO RIDER 10-18-2013 05:57 AM


Originally Posted by SBA800 (Post 23161)
509 just came out with a new sinister goggle. Thinking about grabbing a pair.

After having my dirt pro goggles in the polarized lens I need a polarized lens for sinister. Absolutely fantastic lens.

I might try a polarized lens this season, I just wish they had colors I actually liked. Might just have to sacrifice some looks for performance. Those new Sinisters do look pretty nice, I'm interested to hear what people say about them. However, I am sold on "frameless" goggles. It's all I'll buy from now on.

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SBA800 10-18-2013 06:05 AM

Love the polarized. So damn nice. Only good for daytime though lol.

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