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freedomflyer 10-15-2016 07:01 PM

New to forum
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Hello all,
New to this site hoping that I'm not breaking any protocol and posting some where that I'm not suppose to be posting. I didn't see a specific area for new members to post so thought I would start here. Live in south west Montana fairly new to the ATV world, this is only our second season of riding and am grateful not only for this new found hobby but also for the places that we get to ride. unfortunately because of our altitude our trails are only open from June 16 - Oct 15 so they have effectively shut down today. Hoping to be able to see what others ride, in what states, and what kind of topography. I have a couple of 2013 Honda Ranchers, bought the first one cleaned it up and put a graphics kit on it, have enjoyed it so much that I found another one and did the same thing. Unfortunately the second one had some issues and I had to have the top end rebuilt but it is all good now and seems to be a very strong running quad. Hope to see pics and scenery from others. The 2nd pic is from a trail that is only about 25-30 min from home, we are pretty spoiled. FF

offroadf1 03-30-2017 08:18 AM

Hello and welcome! Im new too!

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