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6.2 i mean SBA800 is right. it keeps the old timers and the border line crippled in the sport. i choose a sxs because i have a bad back and knees due to doing construction work since 12, playing every organized sport when younger, and some hard offroad riding and even harder accidents. i ride quads from time to time but either that night or the next day something is hurting and swollen. the RZR lets me ride and i can still stand up right the next day lol. honestly i dont need all the "luxury crap". i ride winter more than any other season in NY and i dont have a heater. the only thing i really want is to do a stereo system in it. havent done it yet because i cant decide on how far i want to take it. i want to do a custom build either way. i might stay simple and go with a custom box bolted to the cage with 2-6x9's and push it with like 200 watts or so or i am goin all out and building an overhead enclosure with 2-6x9's, putting 2-6.5" speakers under dash and building a custom box to bolt to the cage to hold a 10" sub. but then i will need to put 2 AGM batteries on an isolator. so its either cheap and sounds decent or expensive and sounds LOUD. i might stay with the simplier design due to it being cheap and not adding much weight...


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