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I also run 509 goggles. They make a great product. I have a pair of Sinisters and a pair of Aviators.

The Aviators provide much better visibility than the Sinisters. I have a Fire Mirror/clear lens in the Sinsters and a Fire Mirror/Rose tint in the Aviators. Aviators are my Bluebird goggles, Sinisters are my crappy day goggles.

Their Rose tint is fairly dark and perfect for those sunny days, but it is awful for flat or snowy days. Hence using the clear tinted sinisters on those days.

The drawback to Aviators is they fog! They are fine while riding, no fogging to speak of. But when you stop they will generally fog up pretty quickly.

Like SBA said above, Sinsters don't really fog. They are much better than Aviators in that respect. I still love the Aviators, but you pretty much have to pull them off your face as soon as you stop. I use quickstraps, so this isn't a problem. Takes all of half a second to drop the goggles and another half a second to put them back on.

I love both pairs, but prefer my Aviators for the visibility. Both styles are plenty warm and very comfortable. I will run them again this coming season, but Oakley is making some killer snowmachine goggles now, and I will probably pick a set of those up for the 2014-15 season. Their higher end goggles are twice the price of Aviators, however.

Also as stated above, 509 customer service is fantastic. They are very helpful and value their customers. I have yet to have any product defects, but I have dealt with them over a different customer service related topic.

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