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Default Best Video Editor for AVCHD?
Currently, many well-known brands such as Sony, JVC, Panasonic and so have launched the high-definition hard drive camcorder.Using the HD camera,the recorded video quality can achieve 1080P HD video formats, as a professional DV favorite players. This high-definition hard drive camcorder record high definition video format is a special MTS video format that is neither easy to play on other equipment no easy to edit and save.

Friends often ask: how could I put the MTS format into my PSP or ipad? Mts format here will be converted to avi, mpeg2, mp4, rm video formats, so much more convenient to use. So we need a professional mts format converter software, while preserving the original high-definition video.

I am also a DV enthusiasts, and finally I have my own SONY HD video camera-XR500, the picture quality it shooting is really wonderful, and bit rate can reach 9000, I feel like D9 generally clear. But out of the video format is proprietary high-definition video camera. MTS and. M2TS, make people feel depressed, this special format often not compatible with the video editing software , such as VideoStudio and so on. The large volume of high-definition video is also a problem ,a few seconds small fragment maybe up to tens of megabytes . So it is more difficulty for us to storage , preservation dials, or play in phone, psp, ,ipad, mp4 the MTS Files.

I used a lot of similar software, found some software does not support mts format or some output format does not play smoothly, as if in slow motion.

Finally found a good conversion software Software MTS - “iCoolsoft MTS Converter“,want to see more description of iCoolsoft MTS Converter can visit the official website : ( http://www.icoolsoft.com/mts-converter/ )With it you can convert mts HD video formats to HD avi video, you can also convert mts HD video format to facilitate HD mpeg2 video format to save in a DVD recorder, or convert mts to HD mp4, wmv, mov, asf, mkv and other video formats, maintaining mts the original high-definition video quality, fast and efficient!

The most important feature of this professional MTS Converter is easy to use, just a few mouse clicks to complete the MTS format conversion.

Here I will offer the step by step guide for the people who has the same problem with me.How this can help you.

Step One: Download and install “iCoolsoft MTS Converter”, and run it directly.

Step Two: Start the MTS converter you can see a very simple user interface, and it also provides a concise description of the steps, novice users can easily get started very friendly.click “Add Video” button on the top left corner, add the mts files you want to convert to the file list. While the software can also support m2ts format video files.You can preview mts HD video playback on the right side of the preview window.

Step 3: Select output format, high-definition video, popular video, or handheld devices to play the specified video formats can be selected directly here.

If you want to put the converted mts video to a computer or carved to DVD, VCD to save, select “HD Video” drop-down menu in the mp4 high-definition video, HD avi video, HD mpeg2 video, HD mov video, HD wmv video … what format you want to get on the choice of which format the output.

In addition, “iCoolsoft MTS Converter” also helps you watch MTS videos on various portable players, such as iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, PSP, PS3, Wii, Zune, Archos, Creative Zen, iRiver, Xbox 360, BlackBerry, and so on. You just need to choose a profile and all settings will be optimized before converting.

Step 4: Click “Convert” button to start the mts HD video format conversion.

In addition, considering that many users have the simple editing needs before convert the mts File,the research staff of iCoolsoft Studio set the video conversion and edit MTS functions into one program.

You can trim MTS video to get your favorite segment, crop playing region to retain designated part, merge multiple videos into one file, adjust video Brightness, Contrast and Saturation, add text or picture watermark, and so on.

For Mac User:MTS Converter Mac

Appendix: MTS brief description:

Strictly speaking, MTS conversion software is a computer term, according to its defined scope, is the video codec software, refers to the decoding and encoding for the mts format software. So, what is mts format it, in the multimedia field, mts format is a new high-definition video format currently sony HD DV video recording, is often the format, the video coding usually H264, audio coding using AC-3, the standard resolution of 1920 * 1080 Full HD, or 1440 * 1080, which reach 1920 * 1080 Full HD resolution mts standard, which means high quality, therefore, mts is to meet the HD era. This video is common in this part of the Sony brand high-definition hard drive camcorder or other video camera recorded by the Sony brand high-definition hard drive camcorder or other video recording, without the acquisition, the software and camera on the display format, that the suffix for the mts, after Software Acquisition import, suffix m2ts. Decoding of mts, colloquially, referring to the mts or m2ts decoding and then encoding into other formats, such as, mts switch to DVD, mts turn AVI, mts turn RMVB, mts turn MPG, on the mts coding, popular for , referring to the decoding of other formats and then encoding, conversion or encapsulation into mts, ts such transfer mts, mkv turn mts, m2ts turn mts, tp turn mts.

Decoding applications

MTS mainly through the Sony HD hard disk camcorder or VCR to record other brands of video format, resolution up to 1920 * 1080 Full HD standard, standard or high definition 1440 * 1080, image quality is very high at the same time, due to the high picture quality, the same time mts length compared to other common video format size is much larger, only a few minutes of video can reach 1G, because the computer hard drive capacity limitations, is not conducive to preservation, while not yet developed in the current network conditions, not spread through the network to achieve, through the mts mts format conversion software will transfer DVD, AVI, RMVB, MPG, etc. SD is the purpose of this volume lies in the huge video into smaller, more conducive to preservation format. In addition, because the current domestic HD is still in development stage, high-definition player has not been popular, the mts turn DVD, VCR recording is to achieve the high-definition video to burn DVD video disc, the DVD player to watch an important video recording is the only way. In addition, mobile phone, MP4, iPod, PSP, iPhone and other mobile handheld devices exist in the format constraints, mts turn MP4, can achieve high-definition video camera to record the mts in a variety of mobile handheld devices to view, improve the mts video distribution breadth.

Coding Application

MTS HD package is a new format, is also gradually replace the current DVD, Blu-ray format, compared to traditional packaging formats such as AVI, mts HD package format that can encapsulate multiple subtitles, multiple audio tracks, with more superior features, at present, this high-definition video playback support for mobile devices is mainly sony’s ps3, will be converted to other formats mts, is a high-definition player in the ps3 to play multiple subtitles, multiple audio tracks of high-definition video mts important way. As mts up to HD standards, which often need to ts, mkv, tp and other high-definition video into mts, otherwise, the standard definition to HD does not make sense.
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english short version please....
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i guess this is spam eh
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did you fry him?
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Spamburger hamburger....

That gave me a headache trying to read.
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so why is this still here? damn mods cant even wipe their ass, let alone clean a forum.

aaron is my bitch

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Too many letters to read.

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